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September 15th, 2011, 6:04 pm - News News News!

I've been given some flak for not having an actual schedule and not updating quite as often as I probably should. And to be honest it's my own fault. The storyline thing was a stupid idea, but it isn't going away. It's just going in it's own folder for now. Meaning that when you check the archives, you'll have to chose it under the "Small and.." selection. Meanwhile I'll be going on with storyline-less funnies whenever I come up with them.

A big problem with this is: The Windows 7 MS Paint. I really fucking hate this program and I'm not gonna boot up GIMP every god damn time for the sake of doodle strips.. So please consider colored pages something magical from now on. If anyone knows of a way to revert MS Paint to the classic state PLEASE tell me so.


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