These are the characters in the series so far, Everyone (excluding Anti-H) is loosely based on a real person. This is why some characters will randomly show up and disappear, and others (including me, the main character) Will change appearance frequently. Not anything extreme though.

Cast in order of appearance:

Name: Hans
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Attributes: Bad jokes, simple artistry, some radio-technical know-how
About: Our main character. A Pseudo-deranged webcomic author who's fixated on movies, comics and video games to a point where he has a huge amount of knowledge that most likely won't ever be useful to him. His skills in playing said video games is up to debate however.

Name: Lasse
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Attributes: Local mad scientist, guitarist, Walking pun-archive, Level 85'er
About: Studying what Hans describes as 'Science stuff' and coming up with puns while he's at it. Lasse is one of the characters with some musical ability and he also manifests a boiling hatred for the Star Trek franchise.

Name: Mike
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Attributes: Speaks a bunch of languages, Manga maniac, Artist, Arnold Quotes
About: Mike has earned the title of 'Best friend' and is the one in the group most used to Hans' delusions first hand. While a geek just like the rest of the group, Mike isn't as seasoned in competitive gaming and prefers the single-player experience by far. Which is a fun fact, considering he sorrounds himself with people on a near-constant basis in the real world. He also shares Hans' love for exploitation movies from the turn of the century.

Name: Line
Gender: Female
Age: Inquiries about the age of a female is ill advised. (20)
Attributes: Artist, Level 85'er, Boxing.
About: The only female to be introduced, Line has a high tolerance for chauvinistic jokes (she has to). Having a love for all things morbid and horrific, she has a burning hatred for all the bad vampire stuff that's come out in recent years. She's also the one responisble for making the author color the strip.

Name: Mikkel
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Attributes: Level 85'er, Extensive Knowledge of Scandinavian Mythos, Poet
About: Having a high tolerance for bullshit, Mikkel has played alot of World of Warcraft over the years. Mikkel is also the only one of the introduced characters to never have encountered Hans in the real world, making Hans kinda blurry about his actual appearance. He shares Hans and Lines love for Dark Fantasy, and almost ALWAYS plays an assassin in video games.

Name: Erik
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Attributes: Professional Troll, Gaming Nomad, Ladies man
About: A bit of a trickster, Erik is the first of the group to get in-your-face against an oppossing team in video games. He also claims to have 'conquered' a bunch of females, which would make Erik the most 'experienced' male of the group. He's also Johannes' cousin.

Name: Anti-H (Presumably false)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Attributes: Highly Delusional, Resourceful, Possibly not Human
About: No one really knows who this guy is, or where he comes from. He seems to have a burning hatred for Christmas and the general public. One day he just showed up on Hans' doorstep declaring himself his eternal rival and he will frequently annoy the group but never really pose any danger.

Name: Johannes/Radish Man
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Attributes: Mathematical ability, Superhero (Apparently)
About: Johannes has the misfortune of always being drawn in a costume, so he has adopted the persona RADISH MAN a superhero that.. really doesn't do anything. That said, Radish man has the superhuman ability of tolerating being the cousin of Erik, being in the company of Hans and actually preffering Ant Man out of the Avengers.
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