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I hope you're all enjoiyng the comic. It still updates on a pretty random schedule but things are moving forward on an at least weekly basis. I'm mostly just making this newspost to make you know I actually do visit the front page now and then, and the last newspost is kinda cringeworthy.

Not much to report, if you're wondering about the Rubarb thing, the real life Johannes normally uses the name Rubarbking in League of Legends and the whole Radish Man thing actually came out of absoulutely nowhere. So yeah, bringing in the giant robot is more true to the semi-realism of the comic I'm trying to go for.

» News News News!

I've been given some flak for not having an actual schedule and not updating quite as often as I probably should. And to be honest it's my own fault. The storyline thing was a stupid idea, but it isn't going away. It's just going in it's own folder for now. Meaning that when you check the archives, you'll have to chose it under the "Small and.." selection. Meanwhile I'll be going on with storyline-less funnies whenever I come up with them.

A big problem with this is: The Windows 7 MS Paint. I really fucking hate this program and I'm not gonna boot up GIMP every god damn time for the sake of doodle strips.. So please consider colored pages something magical from now on. If anyone knows of a way to revert MS Paint to the classic state PLEASE tell me so.

» About the Duke

(Copied from my Blog)
I'm kinda late to the party on this one, But I might as well tell ya' what's wrong with Duke.

Lack of relevance, Duke was a smashhit back in the 90's along with Spawn and Youngblood. In some ways he was a carry-over from what comic fans call "The Dark Age" of comics where all superheroes was supposed to be "Dark" and "cool". This resulted in Superman Dying in The Death of Superman, Batman breaking his back (in Knightfall), Green Lantern Hal Jordan going bananas and trying to KILL EVERYONE (In "DC F'ed up", they kissed the booboo and made it better later) and Spider-man's Clone Saga (Try keeping up with it, I dare you). To properly explain what actually happened, Let me go off on a tangent with some history:

It's normally said that The Dark Age was born with the coming of Alan Moore's Watchmen and Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns. While both of them had each of their own political statements, Comic editors thought that people were buying them because of the shock value, sex and bloody violence rather than the actual (well-written) stories. So while DC was killing off Superman and Marvel were trying to switch out Peter Parker with some other dude in a hoodie (Ben Reilly, Scarlet Spider, Long confusing story) The newly formed Image comics leaped into action with the really good but also extremely dark and gorey SPAWN and shot into the air like a magic beanstalk.

Meanwhile, in Videogameland the Console wars were well underway. Super Mario's lighthearted Mickey Mouse-like antics were challenged by a Blue Hedgehog called Sonic from the smaller company called Sega. This guy had Attitude and was supposed to be the "cool" alternative to Nintendo. Sega even went ahead with a pretty agressive stragety:

Now, my basic theory is this. Duke started out as a pretty basic PC platformer with a guy shooting up stuff. there were tons of those back then, most of them taking place in grey places or sewers. I like to call this "The grey era" jokingly. I didn't have much of a console back then (and were barely alive, I'm from 1990) But somehow they developers chose to jump from a platformer and into a shooter. Making Duke Nukem 3D one of the definetive FPS's, and even GAMES of the era. People often mention him along with Doom and Wolfenstein 3D which both changed the world of games completely in their own right. That's a pretty big game. I have the feeling that Duke was a result of the thought that "Dark sells". Duke was running around gunning down aliens with tons of gore, and even the ability to watch half a second of a porn in the very first stage on a theatre screen. You even had the ability to give money to a stripper later on. Duke himself of course, was a huge muscular guy with huge guns and a Action Movie personality. Every sentence he speaks is litterally a quote.

So when Duke Nukem Forever FINALLY came out, that was what I expected. a reminiscence of that weird spot between the Cold war and 9/11 where the only real action most guys got was from pop culture. And that's what I got. A dumb linear shooter.

So why does everyone hate him now? Well, 14 years in development and you come back with linearity and no cover controls in the era of Call of Grand Theft Battle Shock: Combat Effect? That's like swinging your junk around in a nuns house. Things ain't gonna get pretty, and they certainly didn't. People were outraged "FORCED STORY PROGRESSION?! IN THE ERA OF FALLOUT 3?! OUTRAGEOUS I SAY!" Personally, as a Movie nerd I love the game. But that's the thing. I don't think this is a game for gamers, It's more of a game for... Moviers? Let's call it a shooter for that one guy that Isn't terribly impressed with living through World War II and Vietnam over and over again.

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